"The best waffles in Windham County and the pancakes are unusually good too. There are at least some farm to table locally sourced ingredients and the cooks are very good. What really makes the Rooster an enjoyable experience beyond the food, location and prices is the wait staff. You will want to pack them up in your to go bag and take them home."

– Kermit Blackwood


“We love coming here with the family. Lots of fun stuff around to keep our 16 month old occupied and the food is always amazing. Love the espresso options as well for an extra kick in the morning!” 

–  Lindsay Williams


“As a frequent rooster I am never disappointed with the food, coffee, and service. There's something for everyone here.” 

– Lacey Betham  



We started our journey back in Florida. In 2014 we had absolutely no idea that we were moving to Vermont to open a restaurant.  But after 15+ years of owning a very successful and award winning coffee shop in Downtown Gainesville, my husband and I decided to do it again.  But this time we decided on coffee, breakfast and yummy grilled sandwiches for lunch.  We researched and sampled our way around Vermont and settled on the corner of Elm and Elliot Street, just outside of downtown Brattleboro.  The neighborhood needed a good solid business and we needed great neighbors.  Our little F.E.E.T neighborhood has come a long was, and so has the restaurant. We offer fresh Vermont and New England food and coffee, hire local Vermonters and LOVE coming to work every day! That’s how this wonderful idea came to be.  And I couldn’t be happier crafting good coffee and offering fantastic food.  

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Brattleboro, Vermont, United States


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